June 22, 2011

Update: Finally free!

I'M BACK! No really, I am, I promise! My silence the last 2.5 months or so have been due to the fact that I was completely overwhelmed while finishing up my last ever semester in school. I was taking 7 classes, an independent study, job hunting, and interning 20-30 hours each week! To say the least, it was complete madness!

BIG things have happened since my last post:

  • I graduated! (finally)
  • It's summer! (again, finally)
  • I landed my first real fashion design job! (I started on Monday)
  • I turned 24! (last Thursday)

Here is the ONLY cap and gown photo that I took on Graduation Day! (Yes, I know it isn't very flattering...)

And here's a preview of the beautiful setting from tomorrow's birthday outfit post!


weird amiga said...

Congratulations on graduating, Heather!
Enjoy the Summer, you truly deserve it! :)


Circa Style said...

Thank you Anabel! I hope you are well!